Finnair and the Finnish design house Marimekko have teamed up with a fascinating design partnership. Since Spring 2013, all Finnair aircraft have been carrying the Marimekko for Finnair collection of textiles and tablewares, featuring Marimekko’s classic patterns.

The Marimekko for Finnair collection is designed to add a light and fresh visual dimension to the on-board experience, while also reducing aircraft weight. 
As an emblem of the cooperation, a Finnair Airbus 340 painted in Marimekko’s Unikko print will fly from Finnair’s Helsinki hub to the airline’s 13 Asian destinations and New York.

I wonder, with so many wonderful US craft artists and designers available and ready to spring into action, why are we still stuck with our airline industry's generic and lame designs? Where's the pride in our own artist's work? Wouldn't it make so much sense to utilize the cool talent that's available? At which point do people act on the realization that in order to differentiate your product you have to make things better, much better, as in "fun and different" - not bow to the lowest common denominator.
Thats Finnair! Creamy Jerusalem artichoke and apple soup with garden salad.
Spoiler Alert: I loved the food they're serving in this video (probably only available in first class, but still: it looks delicious) and the teapot shot filling the mug. Nice! Sure beats getting mediocre coffee in a plastic cup and a microscopic bag of pretzels for profit's sake.

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